"I-am zis migdalului:
Frate, vorbeste-mi despre Dumnezeu,

Şi migdalul...a Înflorit!"

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Nicu Liuta was born in 1973 in Romania, during the odd communism regime. Nicu achieved his academic credentials in Romania, a Master in Cell Biology, a Bachelor in Biology and a Bachelor in Orthodox Theology at University Babes-Bolyai from Cluj-Napoca, the capital of the beautiful and multicultural Romanian province named Transylvania.


Although he lived just 30 years in Romania, Nicu is very proud and grateful for his native country that offered him so many priceless spiritual gifts. He learnt there to walk without any purpose, to contemplate the beauties of the seen and unseen universe, to read poetry, to enjoy life in any difficult circumstances, to be compassionate and to believe always in a living, and man loving God.


In 2001 Nicu was ordained as a missionary Orthodox priest.  In 2003 together with his lovely wife, Livia, and two years old daughter Nina emigrated from Romania in Canada. They settled down their lives in Vancouver, “the Garden City” which is the most spectacular multicultural city in the world. Its beauties are overwhelming their souls. God’s natural splendor was rich poured in every piece of this picturesque landscape including the Coast and Rockies Mountains, inland lakes and Pacific Ocean’s wild shores.


Confronted with a moving multicultural society Nicu felt the need to express his inner identity, his visions, emotions, and dreams in the universal chromatic language. He took classes at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, Vancouver and soon he begun to expose his canvases. Nicu’s art tries to depict feelings, visions and emotions using figurative and nonfigurative manner in order to describe the physical and spiritual perceiving of world as a collection of signs which point out the soul pilgrimage in and between those realities.


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