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How compassion looks like for dogs


   People might think that dogs are nice creatures, and some of them believe strongly that they really do have eternal souls, as we humans do. Others believe that they are just simple creatures, gifts of Mother Nature good for people’s fun or company, but nothing more than that, just a “doggy routine”. My daughter Nina believes strongly that her puppy called Mystery, a dark skin female Dachshund miniature, ten months old, is a very special dog since the first day she had picked her up from the puppy store and brought her home. And now, I do believe strongly so. It is not just because any time I return home she pees generously on the carpet lying on her back and when she gets her tummy tickled. I work in a hospital as a Chaplain, and I journey myself with people that are going through various situations. It is a work involving listening to other’s and yourself feelings. But I never observed such a powerful emphatic behavior as my dog displayed recently as a great example on compassion and co-suffering with others. Her empathetic behavior was easily translated in physiological and psychological changes.

   Few days ago, we, my wife and I, returned happily from St.Paul’s Maternity with a new addition to our family, our son, Matei. My wife enjoys breastfeeding him, as much Mystery, our puppy, enjoys watching silently all this feeding ritual.


   Two days ago after our return home, we were worrying because all of sudden Mystery’s mammary glands have got swallowed, and she become lethargic, with dry nose and fever. But the next days our anxiety was turned in happiness and laughter when we were seeing Mystery breastfeeding too, a little Dachshund toy, taking it from the neck and putting close to her tummy, and feeding generously with milk that was pouring generously from her breasts.
This was a wonderful example on how dogs can be attuned to your feelings and how they can express their feelings by getting the same physiological changes that you might have. On how they like to journey with our human experience taking in their souls deeply whatever you’ve experienced in a daily broad spectrum of feelings.

   Now, I do not know exactly if dogs do have or not souls, but now, one think become a strong belief for me and my family: dogs are for sure, the most emphatic and therapeutic listeners that you might find in your lifetime.

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