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Featured on The Province: "Sunday Faith: The Orthodox Church is the treasurer of the mystical life" PDF Print E-mail

I have recently been featured in The Province, you can read more about it here

Sunday Faith: "The Orthodox Church is the treasurer of the mystical life of God"

"Exploring the seen of the unseen" PDF Print E-mail

A recent articled published in January 2010 in BurnabyNow about Liuta Nicu Vancouver Expo

Small preview:

"In Romania, Nicu Liuta says, you can feel it in the wind. The air carries a texture of the spiritual, the unseen, the reality beyond reality.

In North America, that spiritual texture has been all but lost. You can still find it in the woods, he says. First Nations people are still in touch with it.

But in the rest of society, the rush to do, to achieve, has all but obscured it.

Delving into the soul: Nicu Liuta is a painter whose exhibition, The Seen of the Unseen, will be on display at the Deer Lake Gallery starting Feb. 5.

"How much do we engage ourselves in the profound experiences? We do so many things, we forget who we really are," he says. "Painting is a ritual to uncover the spiritual texture of the world."

Liuta speaks softly, but his words carry the conviction of one who has spent much time in contemplation


Read more here


ArtisSpectrum Vol. 19 PDF Print E-mail

   You can read my latest review from the ArtisSpectrum magazine which appeared in volume 19, page 8 and can be previewed here http://www.artisspectrum.com/AS.19.web/eBook.pdf or on our site here

   Article preview below: (©2008 ArtisSpectrum)

Nicu Workshop

   "In his richly hued canvases, Nicu Liuta explores and expresses his own intense spirituality through a series of figurative and abstracted symbols and themes. Over time, Liuta has developed a personal iconography which represents both his individual devotion and didactic intentions. Focusing on the benevolence of mankind, beauty of nature, and joy of life, Liuta poetically renders expressions of love, both earthly and divine. As an artist and Orthodox priest, Liuta intends not only for his works to portray a visual beauty, but an underlying religious message. Biblical imagery combined with dynamic abstracted shapes, swirling movement, and sense of wonderment create canvases that are both aesthetically and spiritually enlightening. His works speak directly to the viewer, attempting to engage the soul in a sacred dialogue wherein he interprets his own powerful experiences through visual means.

   Deeply reminiscent of the mystical works of Marc Chagall, Nicu Liuta’s paintings also display his personal biography, which is inseparably intertwined with the history and tradition of his native homeland. Paints infused with the earthy colors of Romanian folk arts and textiles are texturally applied with a thick impasto brushstroke and draw upon the imagery of his childhood spent in a remote Eastern European village. In a place where time forgot, Liuta was able to expand his imagination, drawing artistic inspiration from the stars above, the land below, and the world around him. Like Chagall, Liuta’s paintings have a sense of nostalgia for the traditions of the past, but display a timeless and mysterious mysticism that easily translates to the modern viewer.

   Born under the Ceaucescu regime in a small mining town in Romania, Nicu Liuta’s artworks are profoundly influenced by his personal past and spiritual present. Widely collected and exhibited throughout North America and Europe, Nicu Liuta lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia."

Agora Gallery Show PDF Print E-mail

   During 25 March - 15 April, 2008  I will be exposing my paintings at the Agora Gallery in New York!

   I invite you all to review my Agora artist page, permanently online, or to come and visit us at the Gallery expo floor during the mentioned period, hope you'll see something you like!

    You can read here the full press release from Agora Gallery , here is a small preview:

   "The Agora Gallery (530 West 25th Street, Chelsea, New York, NY, 10001) is proud to present Nicu Liuta in The Persistence of Form. Scheduled to run from March 25th through April 15th the collection will feature a captivating selection of Nicu Liuta’s healing works.

   Nicu Liuta uses both spiritual and painterly strokes to capture the luminescence of our life cycles in his breathtaking expressionistic and figurative paintings. He blends color and form in a gripping collection of signs which point out the soul's pilgrimage in and between the conflicting realms of the spirit. His paintings relate a profound search for "the seen of the unseen", the visible of the invisible. With emphatic splashes of color and scratches of his brush, he translates mystical experiences of spiritual encounters in works reminiscent of Marc Chagall and Ad Reinhardt. Nicu believes that color has the capacity to heal our soul by inspiring contemplation, thus leading the viewer to reach beyond the limitations of his perceptive mechanisms to get closer to the natural world."


Interview ROMPOST TV PDF Print E-mail

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