"I-am zis migdalului:
Frate, vorbeste-mi despre Dumnezeu,

Şi migdalul...a Înflorit!"

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A recent articled published in January 2010 in BurnabyNow about Liuta Nicu Vancouver Expo

Small preview:

"In Romania, Nicu Liuta says, you can feel it in the wind. The air carries a texture of the spiritual, the unseen, the reality beyond reality.

In North America, that spiritual texture has been all but lost. You can still find it in the woods, he says. First Nations people are still in touch with it.

But in the rest of society, the rush to do, to achieve, has all but obscured it.

Delving into the soul: Nicu Liuta is a painter whose exhibition, The Seen of the Unseen, will be on display at the Deer Lake Gallery starting Feb. 5.

"How much do we engage ourselves in the profound experiences? We do so many things, we forget who we really are," he says. "Painting is a ritual to uncover the spiritual texture of the world."

Liuta speaks softly, but his words carry the conviction of one who has spent much time in contemplation


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